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Betty Bruquetas Celebration of Service Fund

  This is an honorary fund that will support our Celebration of Service Service Award 2022, while honoring our esteemed past president of RPCVGCFL.

Newtown Nation

Each year we fund raise and provide services for a community humanitarian project, presenting our Celebration of Service Award.  This year we have chosen to ally with Newtown Nation of Sarasota, an African-American organization of concerned citizens dedicated to creating solutions for a healthier, happier & safer community through cooperation and education.  Defending civil rights, they voice a strong message of real love, true compassion & unconditional acceptance for all members of the ever-changing world around us.  They reflect our belief that Justice demands Freedom, Dignity & Equal Rights for All People, without exception. 

Newtown Nation’s founder and director, Valerie Buchand, states: “Character, stability, development and self-esteem are key elements of being successful.  Developing a life plan and seeing your success are part of what this partnership will bring to the people of Newtown.“


General Fund

The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Gulf Coast Florida is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group

The mission of the RPCVs of Gulf Coast Florida is to work together to promote peace through cultural exchange and continuing service in our communities at home and internationally. We support returning, active and future Peace Corps Volunteers. Our service projects, advocacy, educational activities and social events provide us with opportunities to engage with other RPCVs in Florida, as well as anyone who has an interest in Peace Corps. We strive to fulfill the Third Goal of Peace Corps: Strengthen Americans' understanding about people and cultures of other countries.

Peace Corps for Life!