The Returned Peace Corps Volunteers of Gulf Coast Florida is always looking to support innovative, community-based projects, both globally and locally. We have supported Coastal Behavioral Health, Project Light, WSLR community radio, and Reach Out Recovery, all in the Sarasota and Manatee communities. This year, for our annual partnership luncheon, we raised money for Africa Development Promise, an international nonprofit organization that supports rural entrepreneurship to women in Uganda and Rwanda, through the development of sustainable cooperatives in rural communities. We maintain a sustaining connection and contribution to this cause.

For now and forever, we support movements and causes that promote peace, equality, and social justice. To this end, we presently support Newtown Alive ( which documents and highlights the rich culture, growth and transformation of a historically Black neighborhood in Sarasota. We pledge to donate our time, our efforts, and our energy toward joining in the excitement of Newtown.

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